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Talking Up U-Con a Little Bit

Happy Friday, Smitheeites. This may be the official announcement for the opening of the Smithee 19 season if it hasn't already been announced elsewhere. Or maybe we'll officially be rolling with Smithee 19 on November 14th when we show the U-Con MiniSmithees (sometimes also referred to as The Smithee Primaries when the mood strikes). We don't stand on much ceremony but what we do stand in on is bad movie fun. So much so that we've added a little extra something-something Smithee to the U-Con gaming experience.

First of all, The Smithe Primaries will be held on their usual Saturday evening (November 14th at 7pm in the Wolverine Room until we run out of clips or are forced to go home). We hope you will stop by for at least a clip or two because we have some fantastically awesome Smitheeage to show you. I will warn the feint of Smithee heart that the Primaries are the year's culling from all the movies watched by the Guru and the Earl. This means there will likely be more than 5 clips to choose from and that they might not be edited down to their final show keenness. That said, we are eternally grateful to our few, our proud, our Smithee Primary Voters for taking one for the team and helping us decide which clips should be nominated. You guys are Awesome^2!

The other Smithee related U-Con news I have is that Your Favorite Local Ballot Bimbo and I are hosting a running of Schlock: The Smithee Awards Card Game earlier in the day. Schlock is…well…here: Invented by a crazy Smithee Awards fan, this card game is part Smithee Awards, part Nanofictionary and all bad movie fun. Players create their own B movie with subtle nudging of the card deck and vote to see who comes up with the best/worst film. Anyway, we're running from 12pm to 3pm, Saturday November 14th. It's a wild fun game to play or even just watch (but you don't get a chance at Fabulous Smithee Prizes if you're just watching). Come over and say hello, we don't bite. Much.

-Your Friendly Getting Ready for Smithee 19 Neighborhood Promotions Ninja