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anonymous kph

Since I am lead to understand that you like voting in polls

I (badmovie) find myself several film writeups behind. I thought I was only five behind, but it turns out that I'm nine (or so) behind. Which of these movies should I write up first?

Which movie should I write up first?

Atragon (11)
Cybernator (14)
Final Examination (12)
For Your Height Only (5)
Kiss of the Vampire (7)
The Mighty Gorga (7)
The Sandman (5)
The Snow Creature (1)
Zombi 3 (4)

In case you are curious, the parenthetical number is the potential # of clips (not counting potential Promo clips).


I've seen For Your Height Only - very interested in your take on it. The copy I saw was missing the end - please tell about the end. Not that I remember much plot aside from midget throwing...
You missed the most tragic scene in the movie. "Tragic" in the classic sense, not the ironic sense. The most tragic scene in the ironic sense -- I'm not sure which that would be, there are a few to choose from.
Does the midget buy it in the end? Or is the tragedy that you watched it all the way through?
Did you see deep enough into the movie for the big reveal that "Giant" is another midget? (gosh, who could have seen that coming?)

In the penultimate minute of the movie, the last bad guy left alive on the island kills Agent 00's love interest, so the end of the movie is him rushing to her side, and crying out, "Irmaaaaaa!"
Nope, none of that was on our tape.

When we brought it back to Blockbuster to ask for a refund they said no refund just because it's bad and we had to explain that it wasn't just bad, it was incomplete. They pulled out another copy and it was incomplete too.

We figured they had never finished the movie judging it so bad no one would watch it all the way through. Who would have guessed it really had an ending?
Wow. Did you at least get to see the scene where 00 is hauled on a wire by jetpack across the water to the island? Or the one where he uses his "X Ray" glasses to see the guys hiding behind the curtains?
Yup, got to see that. It ended right before you found out who Giant was - the "good" part so to speak.