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stupidest-looking brain

That's quite an overgrown gorilla you have there in your pocket.

This is one of those movies that I discovered through the Something Weird film trailer DVD (along with The Godmonster of Indian Flats), as it had one of those scenes that made me sit up on the couch and take notes.

In the case of The Mighty Gorga, that scene was a fight between a "giant" goggle-eyed gorilla costume and the World's Worst Dinosaur Costume.

To my surprise, when I finally got around to watching the movie (available on DVD with One Million AC/DC, which is not a Smithee movie, but is entertaining ("Tragedy ... is happening!") nonetheless), there was more of a plot than I expected. While this is faint praise, The Mighty Gorga should take what praise it can get.

Mark Remington's circus is slowly going bankrupt. He's visited by an agent from Consolidated Circus with a buy-out offer, but Mark won't sell to them. Consolidated has been locking up all the high-drawing circus acts into long-term contracts, and relentlessly driving small circuses out of business. Unfortunately for Mark, Consolidated has purchased his bank note, so he can't even go bankrupt without them winning.

His wild animal trapper in Africa (Tonga Jack Adams) told him about an "overgrown gorilla" once, and Mark is desperate enough to take what cash he has remaining, and mount an expedition (a very moderate expedition) to Africa -- to capture the beast, and return it to civilization!

When Mark gets to Africa, Tonga Jack has disappeared, but his daughter (April Adams) knows that her father disappeared while hunting ... a giant gorilla!

Tonga Jack's old business partner (Dan Morgan) tries to muscle April out of her father's business ... but she's not selling! He holds her bank note, though, and threatens to make things difficult for her ... until Mark buys him out. The $6,000 won't make a difference to him, but he needs her in order to possibly find this "overgrown gorilla."

To make a long trek-through-the-jungle short, they climb to a high plateau, and discover large purple eggs. Large warm purple eggs. Dinosaur eggs! In an appalling greenscreen sequence that you're certain to see in a future Smithee Awards, they're menaced by the mother. She then is beaten down by The Mighty Gorga in the scene which convinced me to buy the DVD.

The Mighty Gorga is, indeed, overgrown. He's also slightly cross-eyed, and one iris is ringed with white, while the other is not, giving him a slightly-concussed look throughout the movie.

Our heroes are captured by native people, rescued by Tonga Jack (who has been kept hostage as the tribe's medicine man ever since he cured the chief's son of malaria with some quinine tablets), and barely escape the plateau when the volcano underneath erupts.

Sadly, the whole plateau is destroyed. Fortunately, they find some treasure on their way off the plateau. They keep referring to it as The Treasure of King Solomon for no reason that I was ever able to discern. Unfortunately, Dan Adams is waiting for them before they can re-enter civilization. He's intent to waylay them, kill them all, and take the treasure for his own.

If only The Mighty Gorga had somehow survived the volcanic explosion, and just happened to show up in time to wipe a smudge off the greenscreen (where Dan happened to be standing).

Ah, if only.


In an appalling greenscreen sequence that you're certain to see in a future Smithee Awards, they're menaced by the mother.

Worst special effect or stupidest looking monster?
Worst Special Effect for the greenscreen sequence with the dinosaur. There's a slightly different clip where you get both Gorga and the dinosaur, and I have that in mind for Stupidest-Looking Monster.