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UCon08 Voted

Remember Last Year When Y'all Voted at UCon?

This year you can do it again! But with different clips so it'll seem like a totally new show. Because it is.

The fun starts this Saturday at U-Con with the first ever (in Michigan) Smithee Awards Card Game: Schlock. It's a lot of fun and we have..."prizes". Stop by Saturday, 12:00pm - 3:00pm to play or to just hang out because Schlock is a lot of fun to watch (but more fun to play!). Room TBD UClub 16.

In the evening, 7pm to be precise, you can catch the Smithee 19 primaries in (I think Confirmed! I looked it up) the Wolverine Room. We've been there the past several years so I'm taking a stab and calling it for this year. If not, sinage will direct you to the proper room. We know from signs here at Smitheeland. Anyway!

Saturday, November 14th
U-Con at the Michigan Union
(intersection of South University and State Street)
12pm - 3pm - Schlock: The Smithee Awards Card Game
7pm - midnightish: The Smithee Primaries.


The program book is posted on the website so you can look up table locations if you are so inclined.
...being rather new to the land of the smithees, would you care to enlighten me as what sets apart the Smithee Primaries from the big shebang in ~April? Other than the glory and crazy mass of people, etc.

Thank you!
Absolutely can do! The Smithee Primaries is a vote off to determine what are the bestest clips of what we have. The A2 members of the Supreme Smithee Committee (The Guru and The Earl) gather together all the movie clips they've watched over the year and throw them all up for audience review. Our goal is to get a feel for which clips are *it* and which clips are not. Sometimes we think something is THE BOMB and it is...but not how we imagined. Other times the audience goes bananas over a clip we might have just tossed in as an after thought. We can get a pretty good read but it's nice to see what a wider selection than 4 of us think.

That said, there will be lots of clips. Most categories have more than 5 nominees (one year Best One Liner had 11. That's ridiculous, that's not even funny!). The clips are not always guaranteed to show up in the April show either due to this and that circumstance and (!) these clips won't be as finely tuned as they would be if you were seeing the April show.

It's still a lot of fun and you will be guaranteed to see clips that won't ever make it into the Big shows.