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anonymous kph

Tonight, we ask "why"

Or at least "Y"

At this point, I (badmovie) have at least two movies for each letter of the alphabet. Except the letter "Y". Please discuss/suggest/offer potential Smithee movies that begin with the letter "Y."

We have already done The Yin and the Yang of Mr. Go, and Yor, the Hunter from the Future. I know about the Yonggary series of films, but have yet to dig one up. And I know that my local Video Watch has a copy of Ypotron. Otherwise, I am ignorant! Please, share....


There don't seem like many movies that start with Y. But maybe some of those cheesy Y2K disaster movies from WAY back in the 1990s?

Y2K: Year To Kill

A couple of other random ones:

Year of the Beast sounds kinda like Left Behind before Left Behind was cool. So to speak.

The Young Bruce Lee has about a thousand other alternate titles ("Bruce - King of Kung Fu, King of Kung Fu, Revenge of the Dragon(s), etc) so I'm not sure if it has been Smitheeed already, I feel like it probably has. IMDB says it stars Bruce Li, who I am not sure is not the same person as Bruce Le, but I'm pretty sure it is not Bruce Lee. :)

Can't believe I couldn't find anything starting with "yeti", and only a couple with "yakuza" :( Oh letter Y, y have you let us down?
Oh, I forgot to add Yeti: Giant of the 20th Century to the list of movies we've watched. Because we watched it, but haven't shown it yet.

I think that I actually have the movie Y2K under an alternate title. I will investigate. And Y2K: Year To Kill sounds wonderful in its badness. Thanks!