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Cycle Toad & Max Hell

That darned government!

I read somewhere (imdb?) that The Snow Creature was the first US film to reference the Yeti. I don't know if that's true, but it clearly was before they figured out the successful "Yeti film" formula. Whatever that is.

The plot is pretty basic. A botanical expedition to the Himalayas is hijacked when a mysterious "Yeti" creature steals a Sherpa's wife. Our hero (?) scientist is outraged when the Sherpas call off his climb in order to rescue the woman. But all is made right when they're able to capture a male Yeti (after its mate and child die in a rockslide).

This takes the first 40ish minutes of a 70-minute movie. Not a whole lot of time left for rampage. Our hero (?) gets the beast imported to L.A. under heavy sedation, but the US government intercepts it.

The Department of Immigration insists on holding the Yeti until it can be determined if the Yeti is a sentient being (and under their jurisdiction) or a non-sentient ape-like creature (in which case they'll let it go).

Well, under government guard, it escapes, and goes on a horrific largely-off-camera rampage. They have difficulty tracking it down, until they realize that it's hotter in L.A. than in the Himalayas, and the Yeti must be using the storm drains / catch basins to travel from refrigerated meat warehouse to refrigerated meat warehouse.

Our hero (?) insists that the Yeti be captured alive, but he's too dangerous, and they have to kill him in order to subdue him. The Yeti, that is.

This movie was written by Billy Wilder's nephew, and directed by Billy's older brother. Which just goes to show that talent doesn't necessarily run in the family.