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anonymous kph

Let's test this poll thing

All right! Consider this a warm-up poll to get back in the spirit for "26 movies in 52 weeks Part Two: The Adventure Begins"!

Poll #1488759 Now, the Poll

Which numbered movie should I watch?

The are as follows:

Poll will "close" at midnight(ish) on the Saturday.
Or the first time after midnight that I log in (which could be quite a bit past the "deadline").
Ties are broken by me, using whatever criteria I feel like.
Sometimes things happen to first-place movies, and second- (or later-) place becomes relevant. For example, The Cars That Ate Paris won the last "C" poll, but I was having VCR trouble that week, so I ended up watching the highest-ranked movie that I had on DVD (Chupacabra Terror).
Non-LJ users may "vote" by commenting in the comments, and their votes will be manually tallied.
If there are more than 15 options (LJ limits these polls to 15), then I may run two consecutive polls. Or I may use some other method to narrow down to 15.
There may have been caveats, but these are the ones I can think of.

I will try to note it every time, but it's safest to assume that unless I explicitly refuts them, these caveats apply.

[EDIT: Lost some serious track of time there, sorry. Final results were ... 1990 Bronx Warriors - 1; 2103 Deadly Wake - 2; 2020 Texas Gladiators - 3; 37 Ninja Kids - 3. Were this a "normal" 26 in 52 poll, I would arbitrarily choose the one that I most want to watch. Since this is a special poll, I will arbitrarily decide to watch both winners. Thanks for voting, and look for the first real 26 in 52, part 2 poll coming in December.]



Okay, I cast my vote for... 2020: Texas Gladiator.

-Sean K.