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Movies We're Watchin'

"E" for "Effort," "F" for Fred Olen Ray

I wanted to watch Final Examination because I thought, "It stars Kari Wuhrer, so there's some Bad Acting guaranteed."

How wrong I was, and yet also how right. I pulled something on the order of six Worst Acting clips from four different actresses, but Kari Wuhrer was (far and away!) the best Actress in the film. Maybe even the best Actor in the film (the male lead, Brent Huff, wasn't bad, but had a strong air of "The Poor Man's Lance Armstrong" about him).

Shane Newman (Brent Huff) is our main male character. He's a hard-nosed cop, and he starts off the movie by busting a drug deal that goes somewhere between awry and aw-right. Long and short of it, his unorthodox methods get him transferred from the genteel LAPD to the mean streets of ... Hawaii.

In Hawaii, he's partnered up with Julie Seska (Kari Wuhrer), and they get right to work. It seems that a get-together of Omega Kappa Omega sisters has been interrupted by the murder of one of the participants. A copy of her final exam was found floating in the Jacuzzi near where she was strangled -- marked "FAILED".

What could be the terrible secret that binds together the four OKO sisters who were tapped to be part of the Hot Sorority Grads photo-shoot? I'll give you a hint: it's particularly stupid.

At least this movie had a lot of random nudity going for it. I suspect that was its selling point. I can't imagine what else it might have been (unless somebody was owed an unrefusable favor, Godfather-style).