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bad day at badmovie

once promised, eventually delivered

Whoops! Trust the Promotions Ninja to keep me honest. I thought I had done a more full write-up of Destroy All Planets!, but apparently not.

A couple of spunky kids take a ride in a new submarine. On their underwater voyage, they see Gamera in his element, and take snapshots (a literal candidgamera moment).

Meanwhile, some offscreen enemies are analyzing Gamera's previous movies battles in order to determine if he poses a threat to their plans. Of course he does, and so they set about determining how best to neutralize him.

This is the Very Special Clips Episode part of the movie, where 11 of its 75 minutes are taken up with clips from previous Gamera films. "Remember when Gamera dressed up as Santa Claus and got stuck in the chimney and it took a family of Gyaos to flush him out?" "Remember when Baragon bought a new car, and Gamera accidentally painted it black?" etc.

Eventually, the enemies (aliens) decide that the answer is to kidnap some kids in order to force Gamera to submit to a mind probe. Gamera submits, and the aliens use him to wreak havoc. Meanwhile, the kidnapped kids break free and start to explore the space ship where they're held captive. The men of the space ship all have dark bands across their eyes (which is a truly creepy effect), and seem to be telepathic.

It turns out that they're possessed by eggs of a group-mind space-squid race/being called Viras. The kids shut down the mind probe and escape, which requires the creepy men to transform into some goofy-looking anthropomorphic squid things, which then combine into a giant goofy-looking anthropomorphic squid thing, which jets off to fight Gamera squido-a-turtleo.