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fire on people is funny

An Early Zombie Exercise

Zombi 3 is an early zombie movie. This means that the zombies aren't implacable monsters -- they don't have to be. Their mere appearance is sufficient to render horror. The zombies in this movie are of average speed. If you shoot them, they go down. They're not in a real hurry to bite, either. They're some of the very few movie zombies that characters can engage in hand-to-hand combat with, yet escape unscathed. They're in no hurry. They can wait. They have time.

The military is experimenting with a virus codenamed "Death One." It has strange effects (dead people start spewing up black bile and get violent), and eventually all further research is cancelled. The virus is being moved to a secure facility when a terrorist interrupts the proceedings and steals the briefcase containing the Death One.

The terrorist escapes, but is shot, and accidentally breaks the vial of Death One. He holes up in a nearby hotel, and is quickly captured by the military. Just to be on the safe side, the military also rounds up everyone in the hotel (guests, staff, and all) -- and executes them.

The bodies are cremated, and the movie is over.

Well, not quite.

The scientist who studied Death One determines that burning the corpses actually made the Death One into a stable airborne microbe. Whoops!

A quarantine cordon is imposed. Birds start dive-bombing cars, and attacking people. Those wounded people turn into zombies when they die.

The rest of the film is taken up by a group of soldiers who meet up with some travelers (primarily attractive women) ... and they try to survive the sudden absence of supplies, the appearance of zombies, and the military enforcing its lethal quarantine.