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Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas

Actually it was perhaps more of the Sultan's nightmare but I had to share. I had a dream we were putting on the A2 Smithee show (ARRRGH! 1800 Chem stairs even in my sleep!) and you all were voting for the clips to not only win the category but to win a date night out. I'm not sure how movie clips can go on a date but that's how it worked. Anyway, one of you didn't want the clip you voted for to go out on a date so you fashioned your ballot as a word search.

I think that's a first in terms of the weird ballots we've gotten and I'm sure the Sultan would appreciate it if word search ballots stayed a figment of my imagination. Don't make me have to bring out the crankiest Ballot Ninja, you would not like the crankiest Ballot Ninja.


Would word-jumbles be OK?


I would expect that, since only numbers are allowed on the ballots, that one might want to go with Sudoku.

-Sean K.
Probably No and No in that order, but you would have to ask the Sultan or the Earl as they are the primary counters more or less. Counter Captains? Something like that.
What night was this? Because on the morning of the 23rd, I had a nightmare that we were doing the Smithees and the hotel fire alarm went off during the show.

Although, if it got me out of counting the word search ballot from your nightmare, maybe it wasn't actually a nightmare after all.
I think I had this dream on Monday so that would be...the 21st? I just forgot about it until Thursday or so.

My dream definitely took place in 1800 Chem so it was an A2 show, not an Origins show...which makes quite a bit of sense, actually, seeings as you had your dream later in the week.

On the other hand, there are a couple people who attend both shows so you could indeed be getting out of counting the word search ballot if it was turned in by a double attendee.