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Do Not Want (new can)

Mostly Last Minute Poll Remindery

In case you wanted to go vote for something, the button quote poll for the Smithee 19 quote button is still open. So far, it seems the Leading Cause of Death is leading with a respectable 7 votes but close on its heels is Frankie with a hot life and a removable jacket at just over half the votes. I'm kinda surprised by that, perhaps there is something nostalgic about old school Smithee quotes. Jack off and Sausage Whiskers are tied at 2 and my favorite Italian Superhero and his plan of knowing trails with one vote. That would be mine. *sigh*

I'll be closing this poll and picking the button(s?) latish on December 31st so there is still time for an upset (psst: If we knew what the votes were, we could choose the button already!).

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Superargo Loving Promotions Ninja