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anonymous kph

Be it as it may, here is another poll

Again? But that trick never works!

Actually, you might be wondering why this poll so soon after the other (technically it isn't even time for me to start watching Attack of the Crab Monsters yet). I have a lot of "C" movies. They will require two polls (LJ radio polls are limited to 15 entries). I have even more "D" movies, and they will require three. So, rather than jumping around in the alphabet, I'm bumping these up. So you (lucky you?) will get one poll a week until I'm through "D," after which we will be deep into the alphabet before I have to repeat this silliness.

Poll #1506139 B Movie Poll

But which of these movies should I watch for "B" week?

Standard Smithee Caveats apply. This poll will close in approximately one week. I break all ties. If necessary (e.g. technical difficulties), I may watch a lesser-vote-tally movie instead of the #1 vote getter. If you have no Livejournal account, post an anonymous comment, and I'll manually tally anonymous votes when I close the poll.

[EDIT: Down to the wire, four movies receiving six votes. Backgammon and Black Gestapo with one each. Bride of the Gorilla and Barbarian Queen II: The Empress Strikes Back with two each. I will break the tie in favor of the subtitle. BQ2: The Empress Strikes Back will be this year's "B" (1/17 through 1/30) movie.]
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