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Animated Ninja Technique

Good Tuesday Smithee Campers!

This is just a check in note to all you happy Smitheeites out there. Back behind the scenes, we're getting ready for the Glorious MegaMeta3 Show of ULTIMATE DOOM [doom...doom...doom] coming to an 1800 Chem building near you on December 16th. That's only *mathmathmath* 11 precious days away, folks. Make your travel plans early.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja has been hard at work making up special giveaways with the valiant help of dotquirk, our own Wardrobe Mistress. These giveaways are going to be teh special and also...anyone know where I can get some fake crab legs? No reason...just curious.

badmovie is poised and ready to make bacon bars (to chocolate coat or to not chocolate coat, this is the bacon conundrum) and even as we speak/write/read/whatever, the Guru is planning on staying late to polish up the show. It's coming down to the wire folks and so far, things are rolling along at a nice clip on our end.



What time will the show start and end?


Good question. The official time of starting is 7pm. ish. A university 7 if you will, but snackage is up and out at least 15 minutes beforehand. Show early, show often and you can have first crack at the chocolate infused bacon bars. Of doom.
I can give you a ballpark end time of 11 to midnight, but so much depends on variables like crowd size (bigger crowd = longer to collect ballots + longer to count ballots = later end time), that it's impossible to be more specific.
Oh yeah. End time. I read too fast. Last year we ended just slightly before midnight (we had everything packed up and loaded out by midnight). The year before we ran right to midnight, the year before that we went over by about 10 minutes.
Remember that you have no control over when the movies begin or end.
Because we used those special parts to make our food that offends.
I was wondering how you all eat and breathe and other science facts...then I just repeat to myself "It's just a show...I should really just relax"

Patti :)