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The Movie That Made a Monkey out of Mack

The thing about Konga is that it's almost too British. It's very restrained. I wanted carnivorous plants that were more carnivorous (and cheesier-looking -- and maybe ambulatory). I wanted the mad botanist behind the whole scheme to be more ... well ... ambitious. And madder. I wanted ... but that's getting ahead of myself.

Esteemed botanist crashes in jungle, emerges a year later with a pet chimpanzee -- Konga. Enlists his assistant in growing carnivorous tropical plants so that he can manufacture a serum by which Konga grows larger (to roughly man-in-a-gorilla-suit size). Sends Konga out to murder the dean. Buys his assistant's silence by agreeing to marry her. Sends Konga out to murder a fellow scientist whose research is along the same lines. Takes his students on a field trip, and gets into a fight with the boyfriend of his "teacher's pet." Sends Konga out to murder the boyfriend. Invites the grieving girl over for dinner, where he "puts the moves" on her while they view his carnivorous plants. Is overheard by his assistant, who gives Konga yet another injection, and tries to hypnotize Konga.

Konga goes nuts, smashes the basement lab, grows huge (to cheesy-greenscreen-effect size), kills the assistant, rips apart the house, breaks into the greenhouse, knocks the student into a carnivorous plant, takes the professor, and runs off with him. To London.

Eventually, Konga ends up at the clock tower where Big Ben lives. He throws the prof at the arriving army. The army shoots Konga. Konga dies, then shrinks back to a chimpanzee. The whole army is all agog. But in all of that -- more than anything else -- what I desperately wanted and did not get -- was for Konga to climb that darned clock tower. Curse you, stereotypical British reserve!



They have a tower and the Giant Monkey doesn't ckimb it?!

I thought there was a law REQUIRING that!

Mebbe Kong has the trademark, and Kong-A would be in danger of getting sued if it was too much like the original.

I like the idea of him throwing the scientist though, wish the real Kong would have done that to the female lead in the new remake!