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anonymous kph

C me!

This is the second half of the "C" movies plus the top three vote getters from the first half.

Poll #1512563 C Poll - Finale!

Can you help me to make a final determination here? We have to be sure about this.

Standard Smithee caveats apply. Don't forget to vote anonymously in the comments section if you have no LJ account. This is the final C poll.

[EDIT: Poll is closed! Cat-women of the Moon pulled 7 of 16 votes in the first round, but only 4 of 13 in the second. The Cars That Ate Paris also pulled 4 votes. Another tie!]
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I was gonna vote for the Cars That Ate Paris but they pissed me off with that Paris, *Australia* bullshit.
But you can't help but love "Herbie the Hate Bug"!


My favorite from the first half survived, but I'm afraid my vote now goes to Cars that Ate Paris.

-Sean K.
I was at Video Vault today picking up my last batch of movies for Smithee 2010 and I noticed they had Cat-Women of the Moon. I was tempted to rent it and watch it just to screw with the poll.
It's a short movie. You probably still have time! :)