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anonymous kph

D Poll!

Poll #1515629 D Poll #1

Don't you want to vote for a "D" movie? Yes, you do. You want to vote ... right now!

Standard Smithee caveats apply. This poll set will be handled differently than the "C" poll. There will be two distinct "D" polls, then the winners face off in a brand new poll which will consist only of winners and losers with large bank balances. Don't forget to leave an anonymous comment with your vote if you don't have an LJ account.

[EDIT: Poll is closed! Final tallies are: Demented Death Farm Massacre - 5, Day of the Nightmare - 2, Deadly Daphne's Revenge - 1, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu - 1, Death Bed - 1, Death Machines - 1, Despiser - 1. Probably all of these will be carried over to the final poll -- but I can't confirm until that poll closes as well.]
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It is a nightmare DURING THE DAY. Some choices are easy.
Wow, looks like a lot of winners (and by winners, I mean losers) in this batch.


Well, I was tempted to make it a tie, but I feel that I must throw my vote to the leader: Deadly Death Farm Massacre.

-Sean K.