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anonymous kph

D Poll! D Poll!

Ayep! D Poll #2 time. The top vote-getters will be combined with D Poll #1's top vote getters, and smooshed into one big Uber-D-Poll ... to be done in one week's time. Does anything here match up against Demented Death Farm Massacre? I suppose we'll see, won't we?

Poll #1518939 D Poll #2

Didn't you tell me that you wanted to vote for another "D" movie? Sure you did! And now you can.

Standard Smithee poll caveats apply, apply, apply. Don't forget your anonymous comment vote if you have no LJ ID.

[EDIT: A definite preference, but enough films got zero votes for me to carry over each movie that got a vote. 4 votes for Die Screaming, Marianne, 2 each for Devil's Dynamite, Doctor Mordrid, A Dog Called ... Vengeance, and Dr. Caligari. And 1 vote each for Doctors Chopper & Hackenstein.]
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A Dog Called Vengeance would have been my first choice but as a film major I had to vote for Dr. Caligari. It certainly won't be as good as the Cabinet of, but it ought to be amusing in a how bad can it be anyway sort of way. At least that's what I hope for it.