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Janbruary Smithee Nite Out

The Janbruary Smithee Ni-What? What do you mean there is no Janbruary? Just because January slipped through the cracks and now we need to come up with some sort of explanation as to why we are having a Smithee Night Out in February should not be cause to get picky about actual facts! Isn't that what Worst Science is all about?

Anyway, we'll be doing Dinner with Smithees on the very last Sunday of February (the 28th). Same bat time (5pm) and same bat Corner Brewery place. Hope to see you there!


Sunday? That means the DrD and I are definitely out, with no time to drive home afterwards and be up for work the next AM.

Not that we've made it up yet... we fail at that...
Well the Earl's work schedule changed up again and now Sunday is the only day we can do Smithee Nite out and have him there. We *could* do a Saturday but the Corner brewery doesn't open until 2pm and the kitchen doesn't open until 4 and the Earl would have very little time if any between kitchen opening and skedaddling. If you are really bummed because now you'll never get to Smithee hang we could wrangle a Saturday SNO one of these days. Drop me a line!
Yup, that one's my fault.
You icon is a better special effect than many I've seen at the Smithees.
Heh! The guru just whipped that one up yesterday. He thanks you...he thinks. *g*
That icon rocks!!
We are free that weekend, but Sundays are always iffy. Some Sundays are nap all day days for me and then I have to rush around Sunday night to get things done.
Having said that, I did fine at your party except for drinking too much and then consequently eating too much! I normally don't care for cake, but that kahula stuff was really good