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anonymous kph

D Final Poll!

Poll #1522392 D Final Poll (# The Last)

Direct your browser here. These are the winners of D Poll #1 & #2. Only one can be "De Movie" -- vote for it.

Standard Smithee caveats apply. Please remember to leave an anonymous comment with your vote if you don't have a livejournal account. Each of these movies got at least one vote in the two previous polls. How will they fare against each other? Vote, and we'll all find out!

[EDIT: Wow! Die Screaming, Marianne's votes did not translate over, but a few of Demented Death Farm Massacre's did. The three-way tie (2 votes each): Day of the Nightmare, Demented Death Farm Massacre, and Devil's Dynamite.]
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Well, I think I'm going to support good ol' Demented Death Farm Massacre. (It's not just a run-of-the-mill death farm massacre, after all).

-Sean K.
This is what happens when people vote by title without reading the descriptions. You guys are voting for two movies that sound boring bad and against hopping vampires vs. "a robo-man in parachute pants"!
But Sultan, this doesn't mean that hopping robot vampires can't be watched as a theme night with...umm...jalapeno poppers and...umm...some sort of parachute-y meal thingit. Maybe frogs legs would cover both hopping vampires and parachuting robots if we stretch it with "rain of frogs". Now I kinda want to do a movie night with hopping food and parachuting food themes.
Hmm, parachute... maybe flying squirrel?


Think about it - what kind of food is regularly dropped by parachute?


-Sean K.