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three peeps say WHAT?!?

Anchors A...WHOA!

Chesty Anderson, US Navy presents a problem, of sorts.

The problem with this film is its tone. Movies intended as comedies are ineligible for Smithee Awards. Sometimes movies are clearly one or the other, occasionally they will dip a toe across the line, and every once in a while, a film will weave drunkenly across the comedy line and back, scuffing up the place with its heavy footsteps until you're not even sure what comedy is anymore.

Chesty Anderson isn't quite that bad, but there are some moments that gave me pause. Now, a single comic/campy scene won't disqualify a movie on its own, which is a good thing, because this movie has one.

There's a scene about mid-movie which involves no other characters from the film, and is little more than a cheap excuse for telling bad jokes in a fake German accent and showing the audience some naked breasts. My current hypothesis is that someone put up money on the condition that he got to do a cheesy vaudeville doctor's office routine. Setting that scene aside brings the tone back to a more comfortable not-intended-as-comedy level.

The movie concerns a group of WAVES (female navy members). One of them (Baby) disappears. Her older sister (Chesty) is concerned that she's been kidnapped. A few of the other girls think that Baby just went AWOL. A cat-fight ensues. Chesty and some of her close allies (Cocoa, Pucker, and Tina) set out to discover what happened to Baby, and why.

What happened to Baby is that she was tied up and sent down a trash compacter. Why is because she used to date a Senator -- and had some incriminating photos. Scatman Crothers makes a short appearance, and Frank Campanella is the mobster who "takes care of" the Senator's problems, but Fred Willard is the moderately-well-known actor who plays the Senator's Assistant That Falls In Love With One Of Chesty's Military Mates.

In many ways, the movie is a poorly-done exploitation movie (shower room scene with no Let's-Up-The-Rating-To-R component, say what?!) that's not quite mediocre enough to be forgettable, but not really good (or bad) enough to be memorable. It just is.