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Smithee Logo spot

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

I have a bunch of administrativa to unload so I thought I'd cleverly post it as a catch all blog post.

First off, Smithee Dates!

ConBust - March 26th through 28th, Northampton, MA
-No final dates or times yet but in the past we've presented on Friday (March 26th this year) around 7pm in 106 Seeley Hall.
-We will also be running 1 or 2 games of Schlock: The Smithee Awards Card Game. Time/date TBD

Ann Arbor Smithee Presentation
April 24th, 7pm in 1800 Chem Building (903 N. University)

[We may also be presenting at Penguicon again this year...]

We are officially Penguiconing this year. Convention runs April 30th to may 2nd. The Smithee awards will be held Friday, April 30th at 8pm in Ballroom F.

Origins Game Fair - June 23rd through June 27th, Columbus OH
-We have requested Friday night for the official show time. As usual we might not know the official place until the day of but again, we shall keep you posted.
-Buttons in the breezeway is also a go as soon as I get off my lazy Promotions Ninja Butt and submit it. I will aim for Thursday afternoon.


Next up, Smithee Night Out
The Janbruary date will be Sunday, February 28th at The Corner Brewery. We'll be hanging from 5pm onward. I'm also christening this get together "Bring a Game You haven't yet played". I plan on hauling Munchkin Fu along.

Lastly! We sat down to watch The Sultan's clip nominations for Smithee 19 last night and hope to get through Mr. Smithee's clips this Saturday. Oh I am so excited, Smithee 19 is truly here! GLEEE!!!



Things are coming together nicely. I have actually purchased a bunch of unhealthy snacks already, most of them because it was convenient to go to Big Lots earlier this week.
-Barrel of Utz cheese balls? Check.
-Giant Pixie Stix? Check.
-Chicken in a Biscuit? Check.
-Monterey Jack tortilla chips? (!) Check.
-Peeps of colors not found in nature? Check.

-Sean K.

Facebook events?

It would be nice if somebody on the Smithees team created Facebook events for the these (especially the Ann Arbor presentation, since that's the one I attend, and I really only care about me). It would make it easier to invite my lowlife friends to the show.

Re: Facebook events?

OoooOOoooo! What an excellent idea! Lemmie see if I can poke the Facebook a bit and see what comes of it.