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anonymous kph

E Poll

Poll #1528104 E Poll

Ever want to help me decide which "E" movie to watch? Enjoy the poll.

Standard Smithee caveats apply. Only four "E" movies -- let's see if we can avoid the ties that have been plaguing us this year.

[EDIT: Thanks all for narrowly avoiding that tie! Enter ... Zombie King! was the winner with 7 votes. Exterminators of the Year 3000 had 4, Evil Laugh drew 1 vote, and Escape From DS3 got the big goose egg. Perhaps if it had been Escape From 28 DS1s?]
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Always vote for the luchadoes!
I had to vote for Exterminators of the Year 3000, mainly because of the review that began, "If you think The Postman was bad...."


Well, I think I must throw my anonymous weight behind the Zombie King.

-Sean K.
Wildcat Lucadores is my new band name. Now that would be a strike riot to see...