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Animated Ninja Technique

Twas the Night Before Smithees.

Twas the night before Smithees, and all through the day
The Smith-ka-teers were saying, "Tomorrow? NO WAY!"
The show had been watched and fixed where it needed,
even though the base clips are still rather fetid.

Iron Chef Smithee spent Wednesday a shopping
and should have some goodies to keep you all hopping.
The rest of us gathered our things and our stuff,
I *think* the supplies will just be enough.

Then out on my floor there came such a noise
Oh it's the promotions box, sitting with poise.
With pens and the paper all haphazard and such
it needs to be prettied, but I'm hoping not much.

Those who count ballots are flexing their joints
preparing to sort paper and add up the points.
All we need now is a sound check to do
and some paint and some eyeballs for a puppet or two.

Then come tomorrow at seven o'clock
1800 Chemistry we're hoping to rock.
With premise and science and LUtRtR,
A Whoops or a What?!! can not be far.

Help us decide the best of the best
or at least which of the clips is better than the rest.
Have some bad food and drinks of odd taste,
This evening certainly shant be (much of) a waste.


That is so beautiful, I am going to cry. Bravo, my Smithee on-line friend, bravo. saiu;kl <--my dog just walked across my key board. I think that is Jack Russell terrier-speak for "Smithees rock!"

Patti :)
*giggles* Brava, brava!