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iron chef smithee

late-night munchies question

Iron Chef Smithee here with a late-night munchies question. Typically for the Ann Arbor Smithees, I make two batches of regular bacon bars, and one batch of experimental bacon bars.

Are there any suggestions for how I should experiment with the bacon bars this year? I can tell you, request or no, durian chips are right out.


Radioactive growth serum? That usually works very well.
Durian flakes, maybe?
I note that both of these suggestions were made by people who do not actually live in Ann Arbor, much less the state of Michigan.

But I'd rather have radioactive growth serum fed to our audience during the show and risk having them stomp us to death after a certain Crummiest Ending clip than have durian in the room with us.


What is the original recipe?