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anonymous kph

F poll

Poll #1534720 F Poll

Figuring out which movie to watch is easy enough ... with your assistance!

Standard Smithee caveats apply. Let's see if we can set a record for this year by doing without ties for two polls in a row!

As always, if you'd like to vote but have no LJ account, please place your vote by commenting anonymously.

[EDIT: Tight, but no tie. Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane is the ultimate victor, with 5 votes. Fatal Flying Guillotine is runner-up with 4. Faust had 2, and Fatal Assassin, First Action Hero, and Frozen Dead each with only 1. Thanks for voting, and I'll see you in a week for a spot of G.]
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Final Justice attracted me with the line "His name was Thomas Jefferson Geronimo" but in the end, I went for the Nazi one. Perhaps we can compare and contrast it with The Boys from Brazil in our doctoral dissertation on bad movies.
Last year we talked about a deal where Blood & Cardstock Games sponsored the Origins Smithees in a way. Something about bring a Smithee button to my booth and get a discount. We should start talking about that.
Oh we should! I don't have buttons made up yet though, I am behind in my prep. We have our first con at the end of the month, which I am currently woefully underprepared for, so can we start up serious talks say around St. Patty's day? That should give me time to get things in ordinug and start thinking ahead.
Works for me!
You need to watch Faust! It's terrible and awesome and has Andrew Divoff!
Curses! If only I'd read the comments before voting - Andrew Divoff vs. Zombies on a Plane. Tough call....
Indeed, Divoff vs. planes and Zombies is tough. I vote for hot Russians this time around.


Flight of the Living Dead, definitely. Sounds like a great B-movie mashup.

-Sean K.