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Penguicon Good to Go, More or Less

Yesterday was an auspicious Smithee Day. The Guru and the Earl got the final edit of Smithee 19 done and rendered, all the show buttons I have designs for have been printed up and await pressing AND I heard back from Penguicon: We are a go!

So! Add to your show list, if you will, the Penguicon Smithees:

April 30th - May 2nd
Troy Marriott; Troy, Michigan
Time and Room TBD (still ironing out the fiddly bits)

If you are going to Penguicon anyway (and I would highly recommend it because last year we had so much fun boogering around at the con), stop in and say hello! I have possibly the second cutest Stupid Monster Button ever to give out for free. If you can't make the Ann Arbor show then you could still come see us locally the next weekend. Plus, you know, you can get your geek on. Oh yes you can!



You will be just minutes from where I grew up. I spent a ton of time in the very area of the Marriott, because that is where the library is. At some point, you should all crash in on my dad's house or my mom's house, both within minutes...I'm sure they'd be delighted to meet you :)