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anonymous kph

Guess which movie I will watch -- or better yet, vote on it!

Poll #1540640 G Poll

Gee, I would love it if you'd vote in this poll. Golly. Gawrsh. Etc.

Standard Smithee caveats apply, except that I'm guaranteeing this poll will close late. Otherwise, have fun! I'm sorry there are no zombie movies to vote for in this one, and I'll try to rectify that for the next poll....

[EDIT: Ghidrah by 1 vote over Gamera and Ghost Rig. See you in a few days for "H"....]
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Hmm, I think Ghost Rig sounds pretty darn bad. My vote goes to it.


Forgot to sign, but the above message is me.

-Sean K.

PS: my recaptcha - hollows slowing
I agree about Ghost Rig. But it also sounds like the one of these that I'd most like to watch myself, so I didn't vote for it. :-)


I would suggest Gorgo, even if it loses.

I've Ghidrah and Gamera, but have Gorgo on my wish list at Amazon, and would love a Smithee review before I actually buy it.

Re: Gorgo

I do plan on watching Gorgo soon. I own three VHS copies because it took a few different covers before I found the one with the correct misspelling.