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a distinct lack of reflection

In Dracula's Great Love, a coach breaks down suspiciously close to an old sanatorium, just reopened.

A wheel goes missing, and a horse rears and kills the coachman, so the coaching party (four female students and their male escort) needs to seek shelter in the sanatorium.

Local legends speak of Dracula once living there, but of course that was years ago ... and Dracula's mythical anyway. Right?

Nah. Of course Doctor Marlowe (Paul Naschy, taking a break from his usual role as Waldemar Daninsky, wolfman), who has just reopened the sanatorium, is really Dracula, and one-by-one the members of the coaching party are turned. But Dracula needs the freely-given love of a virgin to really unleash his true hellish powers, so he carefully courts the virgin Karen.

They fall in love, and Marlowe/Dracula reveals the truth to Karen in a dream. Her blood can help his daughter (the Countess Dracula) live again. But she has until the next full moon to decide. What will she do?

All the while, Karen's old school-chums creep about in night dresses.