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iron chef smithee

it's not e-z

By my count, this will be the 12th Ann Arbor show (9 of 6-15, and 3 Mega-Metas) that I have provided snacks for, and I believe this will be the very first without Kraft Easy Cheese Cheddar&Bacon flavor. I simply couldn't find it.

No doubt, had I visited a different series of grocery stores at a different series of times, I could have been swimming in it (literally). But alas, we will probably be Cheddar&Bacon-Easy-Cheese-less. Perhaps it is excluded by Vegemite. Or bacon bars. Or beef jerky crisps. We may never know....

It will be weird being in 1800 Chem without my brown-capped aerosol-cheesy friend.


No Bac-n-Cheddar easy cheese, or even an off-brand substitute? That's AWFUL!
Are you sure you don't want donations or anything? I feel like I'm taking advantage of all of the Smithee-goodness without giving anything back!!

Patti :)
Cheddar&Bacon or no--the Awards still rocked the house :) It was so cool to put Livejournal names to faces!

And, on a personal note--I want to thank the Smithees for the great event! Obviously, there is no way anyone would have known this, but that was the first thing to make me giggle in days. In the past three weeks, our family has had a death, a suicide (by the daughter of the death) and I had a friend just "dump" me for no reason...so it's been crappy. So, Smithee folks--THANKS for making me laugh my toushie (sp?) off for 5 hours!!

Still recovering from a Pixie-stick induced coma,
Patti :)