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Smithee Blur

tonight, Columbus, 7 PM ... it is time!

For any who are able / interested / just-so-crazy-it-just-might-work-ish, tonight at the Columbus Convention Center is the Final Reckoning for Smithees 2006. We will slay the beast and put it to bed with a stake through its hand and a glass of warm milk in its heart. Or something like that.

Which means that the promotion cycles for Smithee Awards 16 (2007), and MegaMegaSmithees 3 (11-15) will begin. And what a lot of crazy promo ideas we have for MegaMeta 3, I am telling you!

Also incidentally, I think that I have now seen the Worst Cover Copy winner for Smithees 2007. Of course, you will tell me if this is the case, but I just have a feeling....

Whirlwind ... begins ... NOW!