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anonymous kph

F is for Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane

Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane's title is not the only amusing thing about the movie. That's the good news.

The bad news is that the title is one of the top four amusing things about the movie -- possibly top three.

This movie is a straightforward by-the-numbers exercise, down to and including (a) the captain who is going on his last flight prior to retirement, (b) the horny first officer, (c) the party-girl flight attendant, (d) the FBI agent with his handcuffed prisoner, (e) a random nun, (f) two surfer dudes with girlfriends that don't like each other, (g) the other party-girl flight attendant, (h) the straightlaced flight attendant, (i) the scientists with the mysterious cargo, (j) their corporate boss who is the epitome of "financial profit is more important than safety," (k) you get the idea.

The plane hits turbulence, the Science Stasis fails, the pre-zombie chick staggers out (she was infected with a mutant version of the malaria virus [sic]), is shot by an armed guard, and turns into a zombie-for-reals. More turbulence. Surfer girlfriend catfight. Prisoner escapes. The hunt for the prisoner releases the zombies. In a conference room at The Pentagon in Washington, D.C. [sic], random military guys discuss the mutant malaria virus [sic] some more, and how it's transmitted via serum transfer (bodily fluids). Air Marshall leaps to the logical (yet wrong) conclusion. Canada forces the plane to turn back (let's not even get into why a plane to Paris from the US is flying anywhere near freaking Yellowknife -- maybe there's something screwy with the autopilot?). US fighter jets scramble to intercept. Our few survivors have to get from their barricades in the tail section to the cargo hold to get an extra gun and extra ammunition so they can get to the flight deck to land the plane (which has been on autopilot since the first officer ate the captain -- not a euphemism).

All this, plus "Longshot" Freeman, a Tiger-Woods-like golfer, and his wife -- who are having marriage problems.


Looks like you need a stereotyped plot/casting award.

Just how big IS this plane?

I don't know if anyone's flown lately, but the room to maneuver on a plane is tiny! Cockpit, Cabin, Washroom. That's it!

Need a Worst Physics award, different from Weird science.

Re: Just how big IS this plane?

It's a multiple-story plane with wide aisles and big restrooms. Your standard "Concorde Air" US-to-Paris-via-Yellowknife flight....
I dig all of the cliches. They just needed someone driving a car into a baby carriage and someone dropping a pram down a flight of stairs and we'd be good.