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anonymous kph

Here it is, a bit early

Poll #1547025 H Poll

Help me what to watch, Smithee Voter. You're my only hope. Wait -- what?

Standard Smithee caveats apply. This might have been a longer poll, but (a) LJ only allows 15 items in its polls, and (b) I haven't yet integrated Hammerhead into my Smithee inventory, so alas -- you cannot has! Yet. This is the largest poll until the letter "S," which will require at least three full polling cycles, plus a fourth winners-versus-winners poll.

[EDIT: Poll is closed! To my surprise, the zombie movie is not part of the tie! Hercules against Moon Men and Hideous! tied with 4 votes each. House of the Dead pulled two Uwe-Boll-zombie-movie-based-on-video-game votes, and each other Hercules movie pulled one. See you in a week for a very small number of "I" movies.]
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Steve Reeves as Hercules! Even better, the film's in the Public Domain.

Speaking of Hercules, ever considered "Hercules in New York" or does that film fall under the "bad comedy" category?

Hercules in New York

(cue Sting: "He's an alien, he's a godlike alien, he's a Hercules in New York")

I found it to be a little too much "bad comedy," although I thought the original English dubbing of Ahnold was a scream. If you haven't had the opportunity to compare the two audio tracks (Arnold's original English -versus- the English dub), hunt down a DVD and compare!


Well, I think I need to vote for the bad Italian Sci-Fi film Hercules Against Moon Men. That premise is just too silly.

-Sean K.