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Movies We're Watchin'

Movies We Will be Watching

Honest, we were just out for a large capacity hard drive (these Smithee Awards take up a lot of space yo) at our local Best Buy. Naturally, being at Best Buy, I like to wander over to see what movies they have for cheap just in case they have that one Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western I don't yet have. Today they are having quite the sale; several lots of movies for $4...including many different 4 packs of very likely Smithee candidates. Of course we came home with a few (lots) because a buck a movie? Sign us up! So, sometime in the future you may be seeing:

Horror 4 Pack
Live Animals
Roman (OooOOoo Lucky McGee writes, acts AND produces. Kwality!)
Wages of Sin
Skeleton Man (Casper Van Dien has top billing but is listed last in the credits. Hmmm!)

Sci-Fi 4 Pack
The Sender (Michael Madsen, R. Lee Emery and Robert Vaughn? This ought to be...interesting)
The Code Conspiracy
The Invader (Daniel Baldwin YAY! Sean Young - oh so far from No Way Out)
Storm Trooper (Corey Feldman is way too short to be a Storm Trooper)

Disaster 4 Pack
Crash Landing (Antonio Sabato Jr. Also how sad am I that this one isn't "Nature Unleashed: Crash Landing"? Very)
Nature Unleashed: Avalanche (Yay the wild Ural Mountains of Russia)
Nature Unleashed: Earthquake (Yay the wild Nuclear Power Plants of Russia)
Nature Unleashed: Fire (Yay the wilds of Dirt Biking in Romania)

By the way, out there somewhere there is a Nature Unleashed: Volcano and Nature Unleashed: Tornado. I suspect they too showcase the wilds of some Russian or Eastern European country.

Disaster 4 Pack (deux)
Delta Force Commando (Fred Williamson and Bo Svenson go COMMANDO!)
Crash Dive (It's a submarine movie, not an airplane movie. Pity)
The Pandora Project (Yay Daniel Baldwin deux)
CIA II: Target Alexa

$16, 16 movies, 1469 minutes! That's 92 minutes per dollar.


Wages of Sin movie/dinner night with super sinful foods!! FTW!