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Miskatonic U

What Have the Folks at MU Been Cooking Up for Us?

Oh if only you knew! Oh wait, you can!

Come to the 19th Annual Smithee Awards next Saturday (April 24th) and give a look see at what's simmering in the movie pot:

Giant Monsters? CHECK!
Homicidal Robots? CHECK!
Satan and an Evil Nun? Who loves you?
Time Travel? Of Course!
Zombies? ...Welllll technically yes.
Kung Fu action? Oh definitely yes.
Explosions, monsters and "special" effects? You know we do.

If you are in or around 1800 Chem building on U of M's main campus around 7pm on the 24th come have a look.


There is currently a mostly-solid plan involving sgtrocknroll and I to be there, that may or may not end up including a drd2be as well!