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anonymous kph

I Wish I Had More "I" Movies For You To Vote On

A slightly-early poll. And since next Saturday is the Ann Arbor Smithee Awards (and I know if you're in the area, you will be there and not on-line), this poll won't close until Sunday. Probably.

Standard Smithee Poll caveats apply. Perhaps one day I'll come up with non-standard ones.

Poll #1552294 I Poll

I would love you to vote on which film I should watch here....


[EDIT: 5 for Ice Crawlers, 2 for Interface, and 1 for Interzone. A clear and decisive victory!]
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I'm going to go for Interface - because the premise is most ludicrous.

-Sean K.
As a fan of Caitlin Kiernan, I had to vote for the one that seems to feature killer trilobites.