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Do Not Want (new can)

kroD a m'I esuaceB

91 eehtimS
42 lirpA ,yadrutaS
+11 ot .m.p7
gnidliuB mehC 0081

.uoy sesufnoc tsop siht fi rorrim a esU .S.P



A mirror won't really work...

also. OUCH.
Oh yeah, it wouldn't, would it? On the other hand "42 Lirpa Yadrutas" is the name of my new Klezmer band.

Edited at 2010-04-21 01:33 pm (UTC)
I can actually read this without a mirror.

BTW, my wife and I will be there celebrating six months of marriage. Fitting, since the 2007 Smithee Awards was one of our first dates.
Neat! Are there any snacks that I can set aside for your celebration that evening? I still vividly remember the wipeout....
Me again - thinking of Origins sponsorship. Just checking in - MJ
Oh right ARGH! I will put this on my calendar for reals and sit myself down and give it a good thinks. I'm off Monday, I will brainstorm up some thinks and formulate a P-L-N!
No problemo, I was only thinking of it as I was unpacking my box of cardstock. We moved in Feb but we're still in unpacking hell :-(
.gnorw tsuj si ados ykrufot mraw zuc eci eht gnirb ll'eW

!EbaB ,ecI ,ecI