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everybody loves batratspidercrab

BatRatSpiderCrab can not make the 19th Annual Ann Arbor Smithees...

but he/she/it did send a delegation of monsters in his/her/its stead.

Saturday, April 24th at 7pm in 1800 Chem you can meet:

Track of the Moon Beast's Were lizzard...thing.
Evil Brain from Outer Space's CatBrainBatEye Creature from Outer Spaaaaaaaaace.
Roller Blade Warriors: Taken By Force's Moon boot wearing poop monster.
The Galaxy Invader's Alien skull-head swamp-monster monster and
Nude for Satan's Pipe cleaner potato spider.

Come to think on it, the monsters probably won't show up until more like 8pm but there will be plenty more fun before and after that. Come see!