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Bob Blob

Last Chance Post

If you want a chance to win one of these...

You should mosey on out to the

Ann Arbor Smithee 19 Show
TODAY!!! 7pm
1800 Chemistry Building
(930 N. University)

The Bob Blobs will be waiting. Muahahahahahaha!


Wife and I will be there. We still have our door prize from 2007.
I love when people show up with stuff from years gone by!
Is it me or do they look like scrubbing bubbles?
Can't seem to find you on Facebook. Found Alan Smithee, but not The Smithee Awards.
I'm just a fan. You need to ask badmovie about this.
I Googled us up here. Let me know if that works or if I need to do some more jiggery-pokery.
No teh scrubbing bubbles...unless you mean scrubbing bubbles OF DEATH!


Thank you for the awesome time tonight!
I want to see "Catman" so bad now..What is wrong with me!?


You mean "What is right" with you?!

I recommend the first Catman (Catman in Lethal Track), as it has more Catman.


Thanks! It's good to hear peeps liked the show! Sadly, there is only about 20 minutes of Catman in this flick (it's one of those "find a Hong Kong action flick and splice some Caucasian guys into it" movie and this one doesn't have a lot of Caucasian guys).
A fabulous event, as always. I laughed so hard!
May I suggest a film for next year: Attack of the Vegan Zombies. Here's the website: http://www.attackoftheveganzombies.com/
It's actually about zombies who drink blood filled with alcohol, so you're safe so long as you don't drink. It's full of green zombies, plants that attack and even a witch. Much fun!
OoooOooo! We love movie suggestions! Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the show.
It was a very strong show...many categories had me chewing the end of my pen, trying to figure out which one to vote for! I had also repressed the memory of "Mistress Rhiannon" until I saw her again in all her glory.
So...you think we shouldn't continue on with our plans to make a Mistress Rhiannon LJ icon then?
Oh no, on the contrary...you should make her available to all :)