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The Smithees@Smith 2010: The ConBust Report

I best get this out before I blow off the Smithees at Smith again this year. Lazy Promotions Ninja? You has it!

We started out our trip legging it to Dulles in the world's smallest jet plane. Everything was so tiny, my messenger bag was almost too big to put in the overhead compartments. Cuuuuuuute!

Sadly, not everything found the diminutive jet-ette as cute as I did. My poor Little Debbies faired pretty worse for the wear being stuffed under the minuscule leg cubby. Flat Debbies!

We arrived rumpled but adventured and set up for our first showing of Smithee 19.

We also had a super secret secret this year and that was that show night was also lunargeography's birthday. We managed to arrange a behind the scenes surprise birthday cupcaking utilizing the expert baking skillz of Sean Whose Name is Nate and leftover glow in the dark critters for a intermission birthday bash. LG loooooves her some millipedes so ask her about them next time you see her. Also warn me when you do so I can take a vacation far, far away from her righteous punching arm.

One of our audience members (extrajoker) was so taken with the Steel one liner that she mapped it out, cross stitched it and then gifted it to LG by late Saturday. That is one dedicated and fast cross stitcher. And also HEE! (Thank you too, that was an awesome gift). This year at Smith we reached two new records: All time high count and all time high low count. For the posterity:
2010 45 high, 30 low
2009 35 high, 27 low
2008 37 high, 19 low
2007 36 high, 17 low
Now you know!

Saturday we were up and about for the first running of Schlock: The Smithee game at ConBust. It went more or less OK; I think people had fun playing it. We gave away some prizes and added a new rule for ties: Heads/tail coin toss for the win. We were also super excited to finally be on a panel with another guest but then we learned that said guest cancelled on account of teh ill. We soldiered on and I think the panel (bad endings) went well, although it would have been awfully cool to get another bad ending perspective in there. So close!

I love this shot for a couple reasons. One, this family arrives in new awesome steam punk outfits every year AND that camera he has actually works. Also, spot the anachronism!

A random Randall Munroe effigy, possibly arranged by or with the help of Jeph Jaques.

On a short walkabout we spied this sign. Heh. Northampton is pretty and awesome; pretty awesome combining adroitly in this signage.

All too soon our time was up and we were winging home. Another year down and another ConBust thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for having us Smithies!