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need more Catman!

Not to be all Spoilery but...

If you need more Catman, there is more Catman to be had. There is also more Roller Blade nuns, some David Carradine, a tad of Lou Gossett Jr., a bit of Erik Estrada, a bit more of Godzilla, the return of Starman, and Kevin O'Connor ("O'Connell! Looks like we got all the horses!"). You will have to come to Penguicon tonight if you want to see them all in their glory or wait until June when we show at Origins. I'm one for the here and now so...

8pm, Ballroom F
Penguicon; Troy MI.


Whatever else happens, MQ, please say the classic line, "They just sent it to Oxford's Science Department, because apparently they've only got the one." That was just awesome! (I don't even remember the movie)