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Peep Sushi

Ann Arbor Smithee 19 Write-up

I'm but a week and a day late on writing this up...I feel practically on time!

This year we got in super early in order to do a tech run through because...WE GOT A NEW PROJECTOR!!!

It's so tiny! Here is jmohyla leaning way out of the way (and a bit red eyed) of the fearsome tiny new projector. It'll cut you if you cross it. It's also 3 times as bright and weighs a tenth of the old one and is about the size of two stacked phone books. At one point in time I lost track of it since there wasn't a huge "projector taking up tabletop space" gap in seating and people snugged right up next to it. Apparently the projector had the best seat in the house.

When we showed up around 3pm we discovered maths! and chems! had been taking place. Krazy.

We took care of that right quick. Maths...pffft. SMITHEE AWARDS!

Whilst bouncing here and there setting up I discovered these juggler fellas juggling about in the lower atrium part of the Chem building. I shoulda gone down and invited them up but I had things to do. And also I didn't think about it until just now. Sorry juggler guys, we had free snacks.

We did indeed. Among the usual suspects of Utz cheeze balls and Chicken in a Biscuit, this year the newcomer foods were vaguely tropical. There were a couple bags of coconut Hershey kisses and some coconut M&Ms. The coconut M&Ms and sour skittles didn't make as pleasing a picture as the cherry M&Ms and chocolate skittles of...Smithee 17? I forgot when we had the S&Ms. We also had chocolate sauerkraut cake (very delish BTW, don't knock it until you've tried it) and peep sushi.

alessar demonstrates the proper peep sushi nomming technique.

Eventually we had a show. Here are more or less 219 of you or possibly only 156 of you. We hit third place for max voting high and max voting high low. A2S16 reigns supreme with 246 max votes followed by A2S18 with a max high vote of 225. 219 ain't shabby numbers yo.

Our max body count was 237 although we probably should have counted the tour group lunargeography enticed into checking us out. I bet your parents didn't get sucked into a Smithee show when they came for parent orientation! Sadly most of the group were but in and out briefly save one dad. LG reports that they had to drag him away to continue with the tour. Heh.

We had a couple surprise appearances this Smithees including dagoski and Dr.Wife Here is Dr.Wife holding up one of three technicolor ninjas she whipped up for giveaways. Dr.Wife has more crochet talent in her little finger than I have in my whole house. Cuuuuuute ninjas! badmovie's parents also flew out from Oregon to see the Smithees...Surprise! And hiromasaki and sgtrocknroll drove up from the wilds of Ohio to pay a visit. They had only ever been to an Origins Smithee show and the tables of snacks had them agog for quite some time.

Of course we had giveaways. Here is lucky winner number one...

...who sent her prize minion down to fetch a Bob Blob. I want a prize minion!

Lucky winner #2 and his ninja of cute death.

Winner #3 (being stalked by Cinemal) takes home a complete set of Smithee buttons including the rare "boojum" button. Apparently the Smithees are bad enough that my computer passed out while sending the information to the printer. The results are entertaining and bizarre so if you got one of the boojum buttons, that the story behind them.

Winner #4 and his technicolor ninja of DEATH! Sadly winners 5 and 6 didn't turn out so imagine winner 5 and a button pack and then winner 6 with a ninja.

Winner 7 and her new Bob Blob finished out the show. All the ballots were counted, the envelope came down and Worst Picture was announced. The End of Smithee 19 for Ann Arbor.

We had an excellent time putting on the show and I hope all of you had a wonderful time attending.


And don't forget that the Sletches brought ice!!

Winner #3 is my friend Nancy...I was sitting right by her and it was so cool when she won :)