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We are 12 clips away from having a full slate of noms for 2008 (S17). And when I say full slate, I mean five-clips-in-each-category-full. Or I should say "were," because when we watched Project: Kill recently, we got 5 of the 12 clips that we needed. One Cover, one Deus Ex, one Wanna Run, and two (count 'em, two) Cutting Butters, in addition to all the stuff we didn't really need (like Miss Walker's "Acting").

All I can really say about this "Leslie Nielsen as US Government Super Soldier" film is that post-Police Squad!, it's pretty much impossible to take him in any straight role anymore. I'll have to watch Forbidden Planet again one of these days, just to see if even his earliest roles are "tainted" by Detective Lieutenant Frank Drebin, Police Squad.


I know. I saw one of Leslie's movies (forget the movie, sorry) on TCM and I just could not shake the picture of him in the giant condom suit, imploring us not to call him Shirley, etc. Having said that though, Police Squad remains a classic show and Airplane still cracks me up (Leon's getting larger!--Johnny)

Happy new year!

Patti :)
2008? Wow. I suppose I really ought to start thinking about watching some movies for 2007, huh?
...but if you wind up in a car crash or something crazy (or for that matter, if we wind up in a car crash or something crazy, know that we've got you (and us) covered