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2010 Penguicon Smithee Report

Let's get this review on the road!

We presented on Friday this year which is both bad and good and I'm not sure which outweighs what. Last year, when we presented on Saturday, we got to hang at the con for a day plus getting a lay of the land, so to speak, before getting our Smithee on. We also ran up against some pretty hefty other things going on but managed to hold our own nicely (at least I thought so for a first year ever event). This year we were scheduled on Friday which was a bit of a concern with The Guru's schedule. He had to work the whole day and then motor out in Friday rush hour traffic to Troy. The show timing was OK-ish unless something catastrophic happened so The Earl, lunargeography and I (Your Friendly Neighborhood Promotions Ninja) hauled out all the stuff earlier that day just in case. The Earl also brushed up on his presentation skills but he was not needed: The Guru made it in plenty of time. HUZZAH!

This year we did not have as prime a location but we were, apparently, on the cool side of the ballroom block. LunarGeography and I set out to entice people in but pretty soon (around Alas) there was standing room only. Woah! Some people mentioned that they were looking forward to the Smithee Awards when they saw them on the schedule. Woah^2! We might just have a Proto Penguicon fan base!!

(That's exactly what I'm thinking!!) This is one of the Earl's coworkers or former coworkers who posed for us.

Counting the ballots on the New Jersey Turnpike...

Our max high vote was 44 while our max people touched was 69. Apparently our max room usage was 48 which took me a while to maths out. Hmmm...Smithee audience max plus 4 Smithe-ka-teers is...oh say, 48. I got to talking to the official body counter, whose job it was to note down how many people each panel had, and he said that we had the most people by about half again as much as any other room he was counting. He kept popping up too as most panels are only an hour long but we run for 4. He also, ALSO made our room the last check on his stop so he could "take a break" and watch some clips. Heh!

We had a "brilliant" bit of fun with GoH Howard Taylor. He did an awesome review of BloodRayne a while back and...didn't like the movie much at all. I will confess that the Smithee crew hadn't watched Bloodrayne and the movie came out in 2005, but a lightbulb went off (or blew out) and we thought, "We totally need to do something about this!" Thus a crazy idea was hatched wherein we got the Orvan the Acme Delivery Ox to deliver up our doctored (and of course watched because how can you not?) BloodRayne DVD to Howard Taylor at a panel he was hosting.

Howard Taylor's first response upon seeing what was in the box was, "Oh God." Then he pulled out our customized Bloodrayne DVD and started in on a rant about the movie. The Guru's photoshopping skills are really rather impressive so Howard Taylor didn't realize we had the cover 'shopped so that he is giving shout outs on the front (An homage to the bloodiest video game ever made" -Howard Taylor Schlockmercinary.com). On the back was his review dropped in to the usual movie blurbit along with some other pull quotes. When he flipped the DVD over, he paused and then exclaimed, "Hey, *I* wrote that!" He then read it to the audience.

Okay, let's start with my instructions to you: no matter how enticing I may make this film sound, do NOT spend money on it. Don't see it in the theater, and don't rent it. Buying the DVD would be a crime against humanity. For that matter, don't bother seeing it for FREE, either. Spending your TIME on this film is a crime against your employer, your family, and the Baby New Year. You would be better off using an hour and thirty-four minutes eating junk food and watching Weather Channel repeats you've accidentally TIVO'd.

I'm serious. If I find out that you went and saw this film after I told you not to, I'll phone your friends up and tell them to go to your house and pour ants in your bed. And when you wake up screaming, covered in ants, you'll think "at least I'm not still watching BloodRayne."

We also included a page of ant stickers which he was very amused about. Best $7 project ever! ($5 for the DVD plus $2 of ants).

I made this woman pose so I could snap a pic of her shirt. It's a Rosie the Riveter but with Princess Leia instead of Rosie. HAWSOME!

We took in some other Penguicon sites including the massive wait for the elevator to the con suite (floor 12). It was faster to walk down and probably up since the party floors were above the con suite and every elevator coming down was jammed. Even the express elevator wasn't all that fast (but a nice touch by the con staff since 12 floors is a lot of stopping if you want munchies. It's a lot of climbing too.).

We did not stay for Sunday due to schedules and whatnot but we did get to see a couple of panels and of course buy stuff at the dealer room. Plus...


We had an awesome time again this year!