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Cinnamon Bacon Yum

Waiter! I ordered a crap omelette, but you brought me this tasty treat!

Would you believe me if I told you that I watched a well-written well-acted subtly-nuanced giant squid movie?

Neither would I, if I hadn't seen Eye of the Beast myself.

The fisheries population is declining at Fells Lake (Manitoba), and a government scientist (James Van Der Beek) is visiting in order to determine why. The tension between the white fishermen and the First Nations fishermen (who don't have to adhere to the same governmental regulation) is palpable, but not overdone. It gave me flashbacks to the first Humanoids of the Deep, had that film been ... better.

The actors could all act, even when there was very little spoken dialogue. The science was realistic (what they tried to explain), and there was no gratuitous violence or nudity. The only vaguely Smithee-esque quibble is that it indulged in this relatively recent fad of using CGI for squirting blood (which, let's face it, looked fake back when it was cutting-edge technology). Even the freaking giant squid is well-done.

I can't decide if I'm disappointed or pleased, but you will not likely be seeing this film in The Smithee Awards. Good job, film makers.