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sultana statistics

Smithee Nite Out...Possibly with Sultanas but not THE Sultana

Have we ever used this icon? I can not think of when we might have, save for The Sultana's birthday movie post but going back I see we did not. I should totally pick up some Sultanas and whip up some oatmeal Sultana cookies for Saturday to make the using of this icon actually relevant. Or, the Sultana could come all the way from the east coast to The Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti tomorrow for Smithee Nite Out.

Yeah. I best make cookies.

Anyway, we will be hanging at the Corner Saturday, May 15th from 5pm onward with games and possibly cookies. I also recommend the pulled pork sammich special. DeeeLicious!


Depending on how my Sinus Infection v3.0 goes, we should be there. If my self-prescribed antibiotics are working, we will be there; if there are not working, I will be curled up on my couch, bitching about how sick of sinus infections I am.