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anonymous kph

Keep on voting! Don't stop now!

Kind of you to vote here. Very kind, indeed.

Standard Smithee caveats apply. Also cravats.

[EDIT: Y'all do love your ties. Also cravats. The Killing of Satan and Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill with 6 votes each. Killer Rats and Kong Island with 1 each.]
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The bizarre Filipino film (with possible crayon special effects) wins me over this time. I vote for The Killing of Satan.

-Sean K.
I voted for Killer Rats, because the Smithees have a good track record with rodent movies, but I do really like the user comment describing The Killing of Satan as "cheaper than Greek Maggot Bingo."
Kevin, we are discussing a movie night of the One Eyed Snake Monster & Being Ron Jeremy, with hot dogs, whipped cream and shots of blow jobs. You in?
Damn, too bad I moved away from Ann Arbor.