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too many margarita film

Origins Smithee Peeps: Here's a Question For You

So it occurred to me as I was posting the last Ann Arbor Smithee Nite out that we could also have a Smithee Nite Out at Origins if we want to. The only problem is A: Would there be enough interest? And B: Which night would work best. I'm not saying we will have a Smithee Nite Out: Columbus but we very easily could if you Smitheeites had a hankering for hanging. So I put to you a poll!

Poll #1565582 Smithee Nite Out...Columbus(?)

Would you Origins and Columbus Smithee fans like us to schedule a Smithee Nite Out during Origins?

Probably not; my time is too booked as is

And of course which day is better (Hey look, a double polling post!).

Poll #1565583 Bestest Columbus Smithee Nite Out Date

What's the better day for a Columbus Smithee Nite Out?

Thursday after Buttons in the Breezeway so we can get our 2010 Smithee buttons!
Saturday so we can talk about the show and stuff.

Click away!


Schlock at Origins

"That Mangy Schlock-Dog" will be Thursday at 7PM in the Tabletop room.
There are only 5 seats for contestants, but everyone else is welcome to crowd around and bring homemade balloting kits. (For small values of everyone, I guess - we haven't yet merited our own conference room.) I look forward to another enjoyable Origins!

Re: Schlock at Origins

I knew if I left an odd option open someone would have to click it. Personally, my money was on hiromasaki, which goes to show I shouldn't go betting.

I assume this is another episode of the Schlock card game? We'll see what we can do about showing up and hanging out.

Re: Schlock at Origins

I was debating the odd-ball option, but then decided that the excuse to grab dinner with the smith-ka-teers was more important.

Re: Schlock at Origins

Well, being a Smith-ka-teer, I didn't really feel it appropriate to vote. But, on the other hand, the results don't show up unless someone votes with this account. So, the silly answers worked out perfectly.

And, of course, being the Sultan of Statistics, I DO like to vote in polls.