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Cycle Toad & Max Hell

Look! Another poll!

An early poll, because you deserve it.

Poll #1571211 Look! Another Poll!

Let's get together and make a poll! I'll write it up, and you can vote in it!

Standard Smithee poll caveats apply. Please vote anonymously if you have no livejournal account. Cycle Toad reminds you to consume animal flesh responsibly.

[EDIT: After a strong start, Lady Avenger fades to second place, as more of you felt that following The Killing of Satan with The Legend of God's Gun was the way to go. Final tallies? The Legend of God's Gun - 5, Lady Avenger - 3, Loch Ness Terror - 2, Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon - 1. No "God" or "Satan" in the "M" films, although there is one "Mephisto."]
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I'll go with Lady Avenger. It's the cheesiest!

-Sean K.