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Alien What

15 Days and Counting

So I was puttering around the Origins site and down in the left hand corner I discovered that they have a count down deelie to Origins which says 15 DAYS!!!! Arrrrrgh! I am not ready for 15 more days 'til Origins! On the other hand, it did prompt me to get off my duff and order my supplies so hopefully next week my button blanks for Buttons in the Breezeway will arrive (4-6 business days) as well as the eyeballs for the last Blob Monster. Actually the eyes are not as important as the button blanks but it would make the last (blind) Blob monster much cooler to have ordered eyes. I has a plan!

Meanwhile, I looked at the events and Buttons in the Breezeway is a go on their schedule: Thursday, 1:00 to 4:45 (booz time trumps button time, sorry kiddies) and the place is the Breezeway despite that not being listed.

The Smithee Awards show is also listed: Friday, 7pm-midnightish in the Terrace Ballroom.

I will add that info to the main Smithee page sometime todayish. As always, stay tuned for corrections as they happen, either here (which is a bit easier to update) or the Main Smithee Site (which is not likely to scroll out of view with other entries).

Meanwhile, I am patting myself on the back for unloading and sorting the Ann Arbor leftovers box in a fit of boredom (I have a pile of bags, a pile of paper scraps and a pile of pens in various precarious positions in my living room), but I am also kicking myself for not yet having the Origins ballot packs ready and waiting to go. Talk about boring work, yuck. I might also have a lot of promo buttons to punch and press and the Buttons in the Breezeway blanks? Oh Look! What can that be over there!

I need to schedule some hard core Smithee Prep time. Also, would someone give me a poke in mid May next year to get a wiggle on with the Smithee prep? Last minute scrambling sucks.



You could make people work for their buttons by stuffing 10 ballot kits. Work for your soup! You could even put something to that effect on the button they earn.
Hmmmm. I would but I have to have 'X' amount of ballot packs and if I'm counting out 'X' amount of pens, bags, paper and lames, I might as well put them all together.
Awwww *blush* Thanks! We look forward to seeing all you peeps too...especially during some of the "choicer" clips. Heh. Heheh. Hehhehahhah!
15 days. Wow. I suppose I should actually watch the final cut of the show at some point, huh?
If the blanks don't show up, I'll bring my BaM press and blanks, and we'll do it the old-fashioned, dirt-slow way.
OooOOooo! Are you all coming to Origins this year?
That is the intent! drd2be is supposed to join us on Thursday night, but with much dissertating to do during the day while the rest of us all go and game. sgtrocknroll is going to be there with me on Wednesday night.